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The Physician Weight Loss Program

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The ultimate goal of our doctor-supervised program is not short-term weight loss, but sustained weight management to help you achieve the best possible health. We begin with an office visit, which includes a physical exam, lab work, and careful evaluation of your current health habits.

We then use this information to determine the most effective interventions for you. By combining education, behavior counseling and medications (if needed), we can help you change your unhealthy patterns into healthy ones. Along the way, we'll encourage you to reach for progress, not perfection.

The Physician Weight Loss Program was developed by the American Medical Association. Harder Family Practice uses this proven program to help real people find real solutions to their weight problems, and move toward a healthier life.

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Increasing evidence suggests that obesity is not a simple problem of willpower, but rather a complex disorder involving appetite regulation and energy metabolism. The causes of overweight and obesity are many and complex, including genetic, physiological, and social factors. Even common medications may cause weight gain.